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Vending through our

online marketplace

What are we offering and why?
It's an incredibly crazy time we are living in. Our communities need safe, high-quality, and local food now more than ever, and many people are wary about going to the grocery store with lots of people, only to often find empty shelves. This presents an incredible opportunity for the local food supply chain to grow, become stronger, and support our communities through these challenges. Even if we can't put up our tents, we can still get customers your goods. 

Using the Local Line service, I have set up a system for the Tucker Farmers Market to keep your products moving to customers through this crisis. The service enables customers to shop all vendors and pay once through the system. Once you have one Local Line store, you can easily add it to other markets who are using this service.


How does it work?

1.    If you haven’t already applied to the Tucker Farmers Market, please do so using our online application. This application does not currently reflect the online marketplace pricing or process, but it does collect the other information needed to determine your eligibility as a vendor for the Tucker Farmers Market. Read on for information about pricing and process.
2.    If you are approved as a vendor, you will be notified and then added as a supplier to our online marketplace. 
3.    After that, you will set up your store by entering your products and inventory. 
4.    When your store is set up, we will activate you on the marketplace and customers can begin ordering from you. The marketplace is open Friday- midnight Tuesday to accept orders for the following Thursday.
5.    On Thursdays from 12-2:30, you drop off your products, prepackaged in bags clearly labeled with each customer's name. You will place your orders on tables that are organized by customer name.
6.    TFM staff and volunteers aggregate the orders from all vendors and handle distribution. Customers receive their orders during the pick up window (4-6pm) on Thursday evenings, keeping them in the routine of visiting the TFM on Thursdays. We are also offering a delivery service for customers. 
7.    Within a week of each market, the TFM will process all payments, subtract your fees, and send you a check.



How do I sign up?
If you have ALREADY been accepted as a 2021 vendor for the Tucker Farmers Market, please email the following to :

Confirmation you want to participate
Business Name
Your full name
Phone number


If you have not applied or been accepted as a 2021 vendor for the Tucker Farmers Market, your application to the market will serve as your expression of interest in the online marketplace. Fill out the application and wait for an acceptance email and information about how to proceed. 

What does it cost?
A flat monthly fee of $25 and 10% of weekly sales. We will also deduct 3% for credit card fees.

Additionally, we will deduct a $50 deposit from your first week’s sales to be reimbursed to you at the end of the season. Just as in an in-person market, you will be still charged your weekly fee even if you don’t have sales. For those weeks you have sales, I will deduct your vendor fee from the disbursements I make to you. If you only have sales for 2 weeks in a month, I will deduct the difference between your vendor fee and $50 from your security deposit. At that point, you will owe an additional security deposit or I can disconnect your store from Local Line. If by the last weeks of the season, we have not had to use your security deposit, I will apply it to your disbursement.


Credit card transaction fees will also be deducted from your weekly disbursements. 

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